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Meet Gio Siradze, Simplebim’s new Customer Support Manager

September 25, 2023

Before joining the Datacubist team, Gio worked as the Head of Services at a BIM software distribution company. In this role, he handled internal and external training, managed essential IT processes, and focused on ensuring customer satisfaction.

Gio’s extensive experience in computer-aided design, BIM software, and IT solutions makes him a valuable asset for enhancing Simplebim’s support services, including training and support for partners and direct clients.

We spoke to Gio about the Simplebim software, AI, and the wider BIM landscape.

What sets Simplebim apart?

Gio Siradze: It’s unique and innovative. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind data-wrangling tool available for IFC.

It’s incredibly flexible and has a wide variety of use cases for designers and architects to construction companies. Plus, it’s open BIM, which is vital for interoperability.

How do you see the future of BIM usage?

Gio Siradze: BIM usage is growing, and it will continue to grow. Adoption is already high in the Nordic countries but we’re seeing adoption increasing in the rest of Europe too.

How do you think the emergence of AI will affect BIM?

Gio Siradze: AI has the potential to revolutionise BIM.

From optimised designs, better planning, increased safety, and waste reduction, not to mention more efficient building management.

Overall, AI will reduce time and resource, leading to faster build times and cost savings but also greener, more sustainable buildings.

How have you enjoyed working with the team at Datacubist so far?

Gio Siradze: Working with Sakari and Jiri has been brilliant. It’s so inspiring working with people who are constantly pushing boundaries. They have great vision and it’s an amazing opportunity for me to learn from them.

Also, it’s great to get the chance to work with big players like NCC and SRV and to be able to help them use our product to get better results.

We’re constantly seeing the number of Simplebim users growing which is a real motivation.

What do you like about the Simplebim product?

Gio Siradze: Simplebim is so logical and intuitive to use. Simplebim shares the same kind of functionality and logic as Excel, so if you can use Excel, you can use Simplebim.

What is your favourite Simplebim feature?

It’s got to be the automated features. Processes like data normalisation are incredibly time-consuming to carry out manually but with the automated process, it’s really fast.  One of my favourite things in Simplebim’s UI is the properties palette and functions behind that.

The beauty of Simplebim is that it makes BIM accessible to non-BIM experts, and our support website offers extensive resources for users to learn about its features. Don’t forget to explore articles about the new features in Simplebim version 10!


Want to know how to use Simplebim in your construction project? Speak to Gio, or one of the other experts in our Simplebim team, to find out how it can help you.


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