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Datacubist is a BIM software company providing BIM software called Simplebim

Datacubist Oy is a globally operating, privately owned BIM software company registered in Finland.

The company was co-founded in 2009 by two of the world leading open BIM experts Jiri Hietanen (an architect) and Sakari Lehtinen (a structural engineer). The goal of our company is to solve data exchange problems in the building industry.

Simplebim Vision

In our vision, data-driven decision-making becomes the everyday way of working in the construction industry. The key to this is making BIM work for us (not the other way around). But the point is not BIM. It is the data it contains, the way the data can be linked to other data, and the way we can provide all this data in a valuable and easy way to every construction professional.

We have walked a long way already to get to this point, where we can offer you something unique and revolutionary. Our main product, Simplebim®, changes how BIM data is managed and used in the industry. It transforms BIM data consistent, rich and fit for purpose, so that the data can be used by large variety and number of users, in large scale. In every project. Every day.

Datacubist Oy not only provides customers software to manage open BIM data, but also services to support the inevitable change towards data driven decision making.

Background – The Founders

Sakari is a structural engineer, Jiri is an architect by training.

We have worked for BuildingSmart to develop IFC open BIM standard. First time already back in 1999. Did you know that MVD (model view definitions) concept was invented by Jiri?

We have worked in Tampere University of Technology to research BIM data exchange.

We have authored important parts of Finnish national BIM standards and Finnish Transport Agency’s bridge modeling requirements. And we have been part of one of the earliest major IFC pilot projects called Aurora 2 and many more after that.

We have helped many customers to implement BIM in their organization.

We have developed other BIM tools in other software companies.

And. Most importantly. Our customers include some of the worlds largest and most advanced construction companies like NCC, SRV, Bylor and Kajima and consulting companies like HOK, AECOM, Sweco, Cowi and Ramboll. We have had deep discussion with our customers during the last 10 years about all sort of BIM use cases. It has been a amazing ride so far. All this knowledge we have put into our products.

Story behind the Name

The name of our company ‘Datacubist’ comes from the cubist artists of the early 20th century (like Picasso) who

“instead of depicting objects from one viewpoint, depicted the subject from a multitude of viewpoints to represent the subject in a greater context.”

At that time this was quite revolutionary thinking. In this spirit, we decided to establish the company and named it accordingly.

Note from the Founders

We invite you and your company to a journey like no other in construction industry’s history. Let’s change the world to a little bit better place. Together. One BIM model at the time.


Sakari & Jiri

Meet Simplebim Team


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