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Buy Simplebim and Elevate Your BIM Workflows Today

Simplebim is more than just software – it’s a comprehensive BIM solution designed to empower professionals in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry.

Simplebim Single User Rental License 960 One person can use Simplebim on a maximum of two computers used by that same user.
Simplebim Network Rental License (Recommended) 1500 Different users can use Simplebim. One user for one license at the time, and user must be online.
Simplebim Enterprise License Let’s talk! Company-level solution for a large number of users.

The license gives you the right to use the latest version of Simplebim for 12 months

Basic support via email.

Payments accepted with Credit Cards (Discover Card, American Express, Visa Card, MasterCard) and PayPal. VAT may apply.



Good to know before you buy

If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact sales@simplebim.com.

The licenses can be purchased from Datacubist directly, either from our online store or by invoice.

If you want a local service, then contact your local Simplebim reseller. They deliver you the licenses and provide you with support, training and consultation in your own language during your own business hours.

Unfortunately not. However, Simplebim has a free trial period, which allows you to evaluate the product with your own models for free.

The main type is our rental license, which can be used for the duration of the rental period. When the rental period ends you can no longer use Simplebim, but during the rental period, you can always use the latest available version. The rental is renewed automatically unless you explicitly cancel it 3 months before the end of the annual rental period.

You can rent either a single or network license (sometimes also called floating or concurrent licenses). The network license can be activated on an unlimited number of user/computer combinations, but it can be used at the same time by only as many users as you have licenses. A single user license can be used only by the same user on the same computer.

You can find a more detailed description of the licenses from our support website here.

We also offer options for academic and student licenses, see the questions below for more information.

For Simplebim Cloud licenses please contact our sales (sales@simplebim.com).

At Simplebim, we always strive to answer your questions. BIM is a large and complex domain and because of this we prioritise questions and issues concerning the functionality of Simplebim. You get the best results when your questions are focused, well articulated and if applicable, contain the steps needed for reproducing an issue. We give lower priority to queries that are about general advice for BIM and IFC.

If you need broader help, for example setting up BIM automation for your organisation or project, then we, or your local Simplebim reseller, can provide training or help you out on a consulting basis. We also prioritise customers with a rental license or valid subscription, as well as trial users. We also, in general, support only the current Simplebim version and the previous version.

Simplebim is developed actively to follow changes in the IFC and BIM environment and we always strive to better support our users use cases. Updates are freely available, if they are included in your Simplebim license and your license is active and valid.

The payment types available depend on where you purchase your license.

Our online store accepts credit cards.

You can purchase by invoice directly from us or most of our resellers.

Contact your local reseller for other available options.

For single licenses unfortunately not. If you are planning to purchase a large number of licenses, please contact our sales team (sales@simplebim.com).

Single user licenses cannot be shared. They are activated to one computer and user. For sharing purposes we have network licenses available.

In general the licenses can are granted to one legal entity. This means that network licenses can be available for anyone in the same company (legal entity), but they cannot be shared with users from other companies. If you have a large corporation and multiple subsidiaries, which would want to share the licenses, please contact our sales team (sales@simplebim.com).

Yes. To order Simplebim licenses for teaching, please read the relevant information below and then fill in the appropriate form.

You can evaluate academic Simplebim license for three months for free. If you need more academic licenses for staff, these are available at around 1/4 of the commercial price.

Academic Rental Network License 1 year 300€
Academic Rental Network License 2 year 500€
Academic Rental Network License 3 year 600€

Please note that there is a handling charge of 25€/invoice. VAT will be added if applicable. There are no volume discounts for academic licenses.

Click on the button below and fill in the form to order either an evaluation license or commercial academic licenses.


If you need academic licenses for a classroom used by students, or for a specific course, you can get the required number of free student licenses, if you already have a commercial academic license.

Click on the button below and fill in the form to order licenses for classrooms or specific courses. Make sure you have ordered your commercial academic licenses above before proceeding.

Yes. If you are a student you can get a free, time-limited academic license for working on an assignment or project. This allows you to use Simplebim® on your own computer.

Click on the button below and fill in the form to request a student license. Note that if you are using Simplebim in a specific course, your teacher should order the licenses for all students with the dedicated form. If this is the case, please don’t order a separate license of your own!

Yes. You can ask for more details about training and consulting services directly from our sales team (sales@simplebim.com), or from any of our resellers, which provide localised training and consulting in your own language.

Simplebim EULA (End User Agreement) is always delivered with the application. The latest version is available online here.

The Privacy Policy and website Terms of Use are available on this website.

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