What’s new in Simplebim 8.0?

The fresh new Simplebim 8 is here! The look and feel got a major overhaul making Simplebim more pleasing to the eye and easier to use. Our 3D window now supports multi color objects, grid lines, 2D annotations, edge visualization and has a measurement tool. We also added a left… Read more »

Nine O’Clock Banana

Welcome to Nine O’Clock Banana. The blog about the final and conclusive truth about BIM! Now you may wonder about the connection between bananas and BIM, and why on earth nine o’clock? Well, when we founded Datacubist in 2009 with my colleague Sakari Lehtinen, he took the habit of eating… Read more »

What’s new in Simplebim® 7.0?

With Simplebim® our goal has always been to make using BIM simple. In the past we have concentrated on efficiently creating relevant, reliable and normalized models. With Simplebim 7 we expand the horizon to also include the user interface. Our new concept is called Ultra Simplebim® and it combines the…

Simplebim® Scenarios

Simplebim® can be used by different actors in the BIM exchange. In the following I’m going to go through different scenarios and discuss their benefits and shortcomings. Simplebim® is used by the BIM User In this scenario the requirements for the BIM exchange are not defined very well and there…

Simple BIM Exchange Recipe

Following this fairly simple recipe we can make sure that the BIM exchange produces the expected value for all involved parties. Everybody understand, in advance, the requirements and have the motivation to carry out the exchange professionally. Please note, that in this case BIM stands for building information model and… Read more »

Optimizing single object IFC models

A ‘single object IFC model’ is an IFC model containing only one object. Product manufacturers increasingly publish their products in IFC format with the intention that designers use these objects as part of their designs. This post is about optimizing these single object IFC models, i.e. how to reach the… Read more »

Copy-Editing IFC Models

Copy-editing is an established term in the publishing industry. Let’s see how the same concept applies to IFC models. “Copy-editing is the work that an editor does to improve the formatting, style, and accuracy of text. Unlike general editing, copy editing might not involve changing the content of the text.”… Read more »

ArchiCAD and Simplebim®

As an ArchiCAD user today you inevitably get in touch with IFC data exchange and must have the ability to deal with it. In the worst case IFC can be a complicated, unreliable and confusing waste of your time and energy. However, by complementing your IFC toolbox with Simplebim® you…

What is BIM quality?

By simply separating model quality and design quality we get a much clearer understanding of what BIM quality really is. If we can have a bad model of a good design and a good model of a bad design, then model and design quality cannot logically be the same thing…. Read more »

Best possible IFC – Part3

How can we create a best possible IFC? Even though you agree with our reasoning so far (what and why), you may be skeptical if you have ever tried IFC exchange in a real project. Current BIM authoring applications are not exactly designed for producing best possible IFC and applications… Read more »

Best possible IFC – Part2

Why should we should strive towards the best possible IFC? There is fairly universal agreement that we must change our processes in order to get the full benefits of BIM. This is of course easier said than done. Even when we understand and agree on the definition of a best… Read more »

Best possible IFC – Part1

What is a best possible IFC – what are its characteristics? You will often hear arguments in favor of always having all up-to-date data, from all stakeholders at all stages of the lifecycle of a property. But what about the opposite approach? Let’s start by thinking about a single, well… Read more »