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Press Release: Simplebim 10 revolutionizes BIM Data Wrangling

March 28, 2023

Simplebim has today launched its latest release Simplebim 10 which will revolutionize BIM data wrangling.

The Simplebim technology, which is widely used by Construction companies, BIM Managers, Architects, and Structural and Design Engineers, opens up new ways to use data in IFC files to enable, for example, better production planning and scheduling, cost estimation, procurement, tendering, monitoring, installation work or any downstream BIM data usage.

Wrangling BIM data, which is often inconsistent, voluminous, inaccurate, and unstructured, and making it fit for purpose, is one of the major challenges faced by the construction industry.  

However, with the latest Simplebim 10 release, new and existing Simplebim license holders can now use BIM data to:

Derive objects and data from original models

Enrich data to derive new properties

Colorize and visualize BIM models

New ways to calculate quantities 

Minimize the size of BIM models

Write automation scripts  

Simplebim’s co-founder, Sakari Lehtinen says Simplebim 10 will finally enable BIM data to be used to its full potential.

Simplebim 10 will revolutionize BIM data wrangling. Once data is standardized and enriched in a centralized and automated way, it can be used by everyone in the construction chain for better decision-making. BIM data wrangling enables you to automatically connect your BIM data to other sources magnifying its power to make better decisions.

Sakari Lehtinen, Co-founder, Simplebim

To find out more about Simplebim 10 get in touch with one of our friendly experts today.


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