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Simplebim’s 2022 round-up

December 21, 2022

It has been yet another exciting year for Simplebim. A lot has happened and there’s a lot to be thankful for. Here are some of the 2022 highlights from Simplebim. 

New team members 

The Simplebim family keeps growing. One of the highlights this year was when Maria Lennox joined the team as Head of BIM Services.

Maria brought with her more than 10 years of BIM data management experience from two of Finland’s largest construction companies, NCC and SRV.  

Simplebim’s team (left to right): Jarmo Kuusinen, Jiri Hietanen, Maria Lennox, Sakari Lehtinen, and Tomi Ylänen.

During the year 2022, Maria developed a top-of-the-game BIM data management rule set for the upcoming Simplebim Cloud.  

2022 was the year when the BIM data standardization issues were finally solved in a scalable way. These possibilities will be available for Finnish customers in early 2023.

Looking forward to bringing this game-changing data transformation automation to our international customers during the coming year. 

New partnerships 

Simplebim’s network keeps growing. In the year 2022, we welcomed four new resellers from Belgium, the Netherlands, Singapore, and South Africa.  

These will give premium local training, support, and consultancy to customers in their areas. See more details about our new partners on our website.

Looking forward to welcoming more new members of the Simplebim family in 2023. 

New customers 

With the customers like ours, BIM doesn’t get boring, ever. Every week we learn about new innovative ways to use Simplebim to take full control of BIM data. All over the world.  

Simplebim has been used by Houben NV in the design, build and maintenance for a brand new top sports complex in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium.

Hinkley Point C is for sure a big highlight for Simplebim. But it is not just about the big and high-profile projects.  

New ways to support commercial housing with well-managed BIM data keep on amazing us too. Thank you to all the customers! Let’s keep on changing the industry one IFC model at a time in the year 2023. 

Read our case studies to find out about some of the innovative ways our customers are using Simplebim.

Awards won 

We were delighted to see several of our customers shortlisted in the prestigious buildingSMART Awards 2022.

Check out this boundary-pushing work done with the help of Simplebim in the award-winning Marshal’s Office project in Poznań, Poland.

Mostostal Warszawa won “Best Handover” for Marshal’s Office, Poland. 

Mostostal Warszawa won “Best Handover” for Marshal’s Office. In this project, Mostosal Warszawa used Simplebim to adapt the models to the desired quality for the customer making the handover so much easier.

The Simplebim software enabled us to efficiently edit directly on IFC files. Due to the individual project requirements for the FM platform for building management, there were issues that were not easy to solve at the stage of exporting files to IFC from native programs. The Simplework Worksheets came to our aid, which enabled us to automatically refine the IFC models directly in the program.

Wojciech Juchimowicz, BIM Engineer, Mostostal Warszawa


Simplebim development never sleeps. On the contrary, development gained even more speed in the year 2022.  

The year 2022 was once again full of new ideas. From our customers, partners, and our brilliant team. You will get to enjoy the new developments in early 2023 when the Simplebim 10 will be released. Haven’t heard about derived objects? You will soon. 

The year 2022 will also be remembered as the year when Simplebim Cloud was born. Simplebim Cloud will bring the BIM data wrangling automation to a new level ensuring the scalable use of BIM data. More about that soon… 

That just leaves us to say thank you to all our customers and partners for a great year. We are looking forward to working with you in 2023. Happy New Year!


If you’re a construction technology business that’s passionate about digitalisation and BIM, we’d love to speak to you about being a Simplebim partner.

Get in touch with the team to find out more.


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