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Partner Profile CYCOT – Transforming BIM Processes for Enhanced Efficiency


German-based software company CYCOT GmbH has been active in the field of construction software and BIM expertise for more than 20 years. CYCOT’s portfolio ranges from innovative BIM software products to customised training courses.

As a relatively new member of the Simplebim reseller network in Germany, Managing Director Karl Heinz Maier spoke to us about how BIM method can be made even more efficient using Simplebim.

Simplebim: Tell us about the clients CYCOT works with 

Karl Heinz Maier: Our primary customers are architects, civil engineers and construction companies for whom we have a comprehensive product and training portfolio that covers all the requirements of successful planning management. Particularly in the area of BIM, we are now able to offer Simplebim to our customers: it allows seamless integration of different software, which ensures greater efficiency throughout the BIM workflow.

SB: What inspired you to become a Simplebim reseller? 

KHM: The increasing requirements for collaboration within multidisciplinary approaches to create, manage and enrich information models in OpenBIM projects have been demanding efficient management tools for years. We hear this again and again from our customers.

In this context, we very much appreciate having Simplebim as the perfect tool on our side. At the same time, Simplebim is also the perfect complement to our own products and services.

SB: How do you see Simplebim’s role in overcoming future challenges in the construction industry? 

KHM: In the dynamic world of the construction industry, we face a multitude of challenges that shape our actions, especially against the backdrop of rising interest rates and a shortage of labour. At the same time, aspects such as sustainability and lifecycle considerations are becoming increasingly important, as is a networked, smart infrastructure.

Simplebim leaves a clear mark in this network: consider the increasing need for efficient resource and cost control, well-founded decisions on the maintenance, operation and dismantling of buildings or the planning of environmentally friendly designs to reduce the ecological footprint. All of this requires a very well networked exchange of data between the respective platforms and Simplebim is the central linchpin.

SB: Can you give a practical example of how Simplebim has helped to make a construction project more efficient? 

KHM: In fact, a well-known customer used Simplebim in the past to divide his construction planning into clear construction phases. Each component automatically found its place and was given the necessary attributes to ensure seamless mapping and classification.  

A common scenario involves cleaning and reducing IFC data to be able to integrate it into the CAD environment without having long discussions with the authors of the IFC file – if they can even be reached. 

In addition, our customers often use BimSheets to extract precise quantities from the 3D model. In a motorway project, for example, they determined the required quantities of materials such as concrete or soil to then communicate them visually to everyone involved in the project. 

If you’re a BIM consultancy that wants to help its clients take control of their data, why not join Simplebim as part of our reseller network?  

Get in touch with the team to find out more. 


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