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Simplebim® 10

Revolutionize BIM Data Wrangling. Unlock the full potential of BIM data. With Simplebim® 10 you can standardize, normalize and enrich BIM data, calculate quantities, derive new objects and data for downstream like never before.

Unlock the full potential of your BIM data with Simplebim10

Simplebim10 webinar held on May 4th, 2023 recording is now available for you to watch.

In the webinar, you’ll discover how to use Simplebim10 to manage and visualize BIM data more efficiently, reduce the size of the files, and much more!

THe New FEATURES ENABLE standardizED and enriched BIM DATA in a centralized and automated way

Derived New Objects to Models

Unlock full BIM potential. Create new derived objects based on original objects. Exported new objects to IFC and use them in your chosen downstream application. The derived objects have their own geometry and data, that can be visualized and used for example in QTO.

Simplify Geometry with Boxify

Decrease the model size up to 90% of the original. The objects are still recognizable and all the data you need is there. Simplified geometry can be exported back to IFC.

Colorize Everywhere

Colorized models are easy to read. Colorize objects based on any data: object classes, object types, object groups, systems, classifications, containment, or even based on building element properties of any type. Export the colorized models to IFC for further use in downstream applications.

Automate BIM Model Data Export

Export the BIM data automatically to Excel and CSV exactly as you want, ready to be connected to your Business Intelligence tools.

Calculate Quantities without Limitations

Simplebim® 10 introduces next generation quantity calculation engine. It is free of all the major QTO restrictions other open BIM tools have. You can calculate any quantity to any selected set of objects. To assemblies and parts. Simple and complex geometry. Derived objects allow you to visualize and enrich model further. Space surface areas open up new possibilities in downstream applications.

Calculate Properties

Derive new properties to objects based on formulas. Aggregate new data to groups and assemblies. Any data type. Quantities, time, cost and more. Possibilities are endless.

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Along with all this comes a whole new SUPPORT PAGE to better help you to find all the new possibilities for BIM data wrangling