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Partner Profile OVERZICHT – using BIM to take construction to the next level 

February 6, 2023

Partner Profile OVERZICHT – using BIM to take construction to the next level 

Partner Profile OVERZICHT

With more than 50 years of combined experience across a range of disciplines, Antwerp-based OVERZICHT started out as an engineering office specializing in MEP and sustainable solutions.  

As the organization has grown, so has its BIM expertise. And now the consultancy is offering BIM modelling, coordination and management to its broad client base. 

As a Simplebim partner, they plan to use the tool to achieve their mission of using BIM to take construction to the next level. 

We spoke to engineer and CEO Pieter De Bleser about that mission. 

SB: Tell us about the type of clients Overzicht works with.

Pieter: Our clients are architects, contractors and property developers. Occasionally, we work with industrial companies and government agencies. We provide our clients with innovative BIM support tailored to the needs of their company or construction project. 

SB: And what kind of services do you offer? 

Pieter: As for our BIM expertise, our focus is often on BIM coordination and management.  

We bring together different BIM models designed by the various construction partners involved in a project: the architect’s design, the structural models, the MEP models.  

This allows us to understand the interplay between each discipline and to maintain an overview throughout the process.  

We also build 3D models based on our client’s specific needs. Our combined experience as engineers/modelers makes us the ideal partner for creating BIM models.  

SB: In your opinion, what are the main obstacles stopping organizations getting the most out of BIM? 

Pieter: Because we often work with different kinds of models, we know all too well that the quality of a model relies on the quality of its underlying data. All too often we find that construction partners are still working in silos, each of them on their tiny little island. As a result, the information linked in the models they are working on is not always as coherent as it should be.   

SB: Where does Simplebim fit in? 

Pieter: One of the main reasons we value the Simplebim software so much is that it allows us to remove inconsistencies from the models. But also, because it makes all kinds of BIM benefits accessible to people who are not necessarily BIM proficient.  

SB: Can you give us an example of how Simplebim makes BIM more accessible? 

Pieter: People working in calculation departments are often Excel wizards but shy away from BIM software. We are convinced that Simplebim, especially the Bimsheet functionality, can change that.  

SB: What are you most looking forward to about becoming a Simplebim partner? 

Pieter: We look forward to partnering up with Simplebim to allow our customers to take control of the quality of their data, creating consistent models that allow them to work faster and more efficiently on their projects.  


If you’re a BIM consultancy that wants to help its clients take control of their data, why not join Simplebim as part of our reseller network?  

Get in touch with the team to find out more. 


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