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New Simplebim partner: CADexpert NET


CADexpert new partner

New reseller, CADexpert NET joins the Simplebim network. CADexpert NET, headquartered in Bucharest, Romania and established in 2011, joined in late 2022.

Specializing in providing solutions for the construction industry, they have a multi-disciplinary team of professionals with good experience in building and infrastructure projects.

The company’s main goal is to bring an innovative approach in the area of project management and design management.

Our engineers and architects are providing end-to-end solutions for Architecture, Engineering and Construction and will be using Simplebim in all project stages.

Anda Laiu, Engineering Manager, CADexpert NET

The BIM industry in Romania has started to evolve in recent years and CADexpert NET have developed a high level of expertise in BIM modeling, BIM coordination and management.

CADexpert NET have a proven track record of achievements and results for clients including, General Contractors, Subcontractors, AEC design companies, and PM consultants.   

We are always searching for fresh new solutions, we have discovered Simplebim, as a much needed tool for construction projects.  

Anda Laiu, Engineering Manager, CADexpert NET

Aiming to be at the forefront of emerging construction technology, CADexpert NET is using Simplebim in construction projects because its ability to cope with complex BIM models. Plus, the tool helps everybody regardless their level of BIM expertise.

In fact, they are planning on using Simplebim to persuade reluctant consultants and companies to get involved in BIM operations as well as help experienced engineers to easily capture important data and resolve construction issues in a more efficient workflow. 

Simplebim’s Head of Partnerships, Jarmo Kuusinen welcomes the CADexpert NET team to the reseller network:

We are delighted to have CADexpert NET joining the Simplebim reseller network and to be expanding to this new country. BIM usage in the region is growing steadily and we believe solutions like Simplebim can make the progress even smoother.

Jarmo Kuusinen, Head of Partnerships, Simplebim


If you’re a construction technology consultancy looking for a fresh, new BIM solution for your customers, why not try Simplebim.

Find out about how to join the Simplebim reseller network.


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