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Introducing Simplebim Desktop

Simplebim Desktop is a powerful BIM data management tool designed to revolutionise and optimise your BIM workflow.

Key Highlights

Data Transformation Made Easy

Simplebim Desktop seamlessly converts data from diverse BIM authoring tools into a uniform, standardised format. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and ensure a unified vision across your project.

Automated Rule-Based Magic

Defining rules for your workflows is a breeze with Simplebim Desktop. Automate repetitive tasks like renaming properties, categorising elements, and assigning attributes – all while following your predefined rules.

Quantification and Reporting

Extracting quantity take-offs and crafting comprehensive reports from your BIM models becomes second nature. Accurately estimate project costs, resources, and materials with ease.

Enhanced Collaboration

Collaborate effortlessly by merging multiple BIM models into a single, harmonised version. Forge strong interdisciplinary coordination and minimize discrepancies across different disciplines.

IFC Harmony

Simplebim Desktop’s IFC optimisation ensures a smooth data exchange across various BIM platforms. Seamlessly share data even when using multiple software applications.

Tailored to Your Needs

Customise your workflows to match your project’s unique requirements and your personal preferences. Simplebim Desktop adapts to you.

Keeping your data accurate has never been this effortless

Say farewell to manual tasks that eat up your time

Simplebim Desktop’s automation prowess saves time and slashes the chance of errors.

Validation engine enhances data quality

Paving the way for superior project outcomes and an accurate representation of the construction journey.

Seamlessly integrate data from a variety of sources and tools

A comprehensive project understanding fosters collaboration and informed decision-making.

Start Your Simplebim Desktop Journey

By simplifying BIM data management, Simplebim Desktop empowers professionals to focus on design, construction, and project delivery, leading to improved project outcomes.

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