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New Expansion in the Simplebim Team: Welcoming Annalisa Quaglietta as Our Network Development Manager


We are thrilled to share the latest news about our expanding team – Annalisa Quaglietta has joined us as our Network Development Manager. Annalisa brings a wealth of experience from business development in international contexts, combined with a proven track record in the construction field.


Sakari Lehtinen, Co-founder of Datacubist shares his enthusiasm for recent developments:

We are excited to have Annalisa Quaglietta joining the team. Annalisa is a civil engineer by training. She understands construction. She is also a world-class communicator and networker. Our customers will be amazed at how she can help them to understand value and uniqueness of Simplebim. Our partners will find Annalisa’s energy, and communication skills indispensable when navigating the BIM market with Simplebim’s revolutionary ideas.

Annalisa equally excited, expresses her enthusiasm:

Today, I feel delighted and privileged to be part of Datacubist myself. My role is to help expand our network of partners and customers.
But when I see Simplebim and all of us behind it, I can’t shake the thought that the potential is not just to increase our market share, but to completely revolutionize the construction industry.

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