Simplebim benefits

For Construction Companies

Are the IFC models you get from designers inconsistent and hard to use? Do they lack important information to support your BIM processes? Do your employees and partners struggle to get real value from BIM?

More users, more value. Standardized data enables you to create ready-made views for your BIM tools. Data is easy to use, because it can be found from the same place in every project. There’s less training and project specific hassle. Your users don’t need special BIM knowledge or skills in order to use the models.

More use cases, more value. Enriched BIM enables you to use BIM in processes like QTO, cost estimation, procurement and scheduling using data, that doesn’t come from the designers. Because the models are standardized, you are able to automate these analysis and simulations. This makes your data driven BIM processes as effective and interactive as possible.

Big picture, big value. Standardized and rich data enables you to compare and analyze BIM data across multiple projects. Ultimately consistent data from all of your projects will enable the usage of the machine learning or even AI (artificial intelligence).

For Designers

Is IFC data exchange causing you extra struggle and work? Are the model you get from other parties not fit for your purposes?

Makes IFC data exchange processes effective. You can continue using your model author tool in the most effective way and still provide premium data exchange services to your customers.

Solves IFC data exchange liability issues. You have full control over the IFC models you produce and the requirements they have to meet. You don’t have to worry, if you are sharing the right data, how the data is used and who is responsible of using it.

Makes IFC easy to use. You can use the models you get from the other parties in your model author tool in the most effective way no matter where or from which application they come from.

For Special Consultants

Are the IFC models you get from other disciplines inconsistent, heavy and lacking important data for your analysis?

Save time and money. Using BIM as the basis for your analysis enables you to do your analysis in a fraction of the time compared to setting everything up manually. This doesn’t just save you time and money, but enables you to give your customers a more timely and frequent premium service.

Makes the IFC models light, reliable and relevant. Use the data you get from other parties in the most effective way.

Enriched models. Add missing data and re-organize the models to meet the requirements of your analysis software.