Academic Licensing

Simplebim® in education and research

Simplebim® is a great application for learning about BIM and exploring its possibilities. The new skill our industry must learn is how to collaborate more efficiently with BIM. This involves motivating all parties, setting up processes and business models that better support collaboration and of course enabling the BIM based information exchange between people and applications. Simplebim® supports all these goals and thus gives you an excellent opportunity to teach, learn and research within a clear and well formulated framework.

If you need academic licenses, please read the relevant information below and then contact us at Please note that currently academic licenses are not available through our online store or resellers.

Simplebim® licenses for teaching

Each department of an educational institution can get one academic single user license free of charge. This license is intended to be used by a staff member and it allows you to evaluate simplebim® without the normal 30 day evaluation restriction.

If you need more academic licenses for staff these are available at around 1/4 of the commercial price.

If you need academic licenses for a class room used by students, you can get the required number of free student licenses that can be installed on computers in that class room and used by students in that class room (one license per computer). The condition for getting these free licenses is that you become our customer by buying at least one academic license beyond the one you get for free.

Simplebim® licenses for students

If you are a student you can get a free, time limited academic license for working on an assignment or project. This allows you to use simplebim® on your own computer. For getting this license, please contact us and tell which school you are attending, which assignment or project you need simplebim® for and how long you need the license for.

Simplebim® licenses for research

If you are involved in non-commercial research in a academic institution you can get academic licenses at around 1/4 of the commercial price. Research would include e.g. a time limited research project or a permanent lab where BIM is researched. Research does not include BIM development in a commercial organization or use of simplebim® in a live construction project. If you want academic licenses for research, please contact us and shortly describe your intended use of simplebim®.

Academic license prices for simplebim®

Academic Rental Network License 1 year 300€
Academic Rental Network License 2 year 500€
Academic Rental Network License 3 year 600€

Please note that there is a handling charge of 25€/invoice. VAT will be added if applicable. There are no volume discounts for academic licenses.