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3 ways to improve your BIM workflows


3 ways to improve your BIM workflows

Improving your BIM workflows starts with transforming your raw BIM data into consistent and rich information.

Although raw BIM data is not necessarily ineffective on its own, it’s often not as useful or efficient as it could be when properly organized and enriched. That’s because it lacks consistency, which can lead to confusion, misunderstandings, and errors, especially when multiple stakeholders are involved in a project.

We know that raw BIM data may be also difficult to interpret, especially for those who aren’t specialized in dealing with it. When raw BIM data is consistent and enriched it enhances its accessibility to a wider audience, including project managers, designers, engineers, contractors, and clients.

Building projects are inherently complex, involving multiple disciplines, phases, and stakeholders. Using raw BIM data adds to this complexity because it’s often unstructured and not readily interpretable. This can lead to poor decisions making because the data’s potentially inaccurate or incomplete.

As BIM involves using various software applications, raw BIM data may not be interoperable across different software platforms, which can also hinder collaboration and efficiency.

Without organizing and enriching raw BIM data, it can be difficult to effectively plan and execute construction processes, which can lead to challenges in scheduling, cost estimation, supply chain management, and risk mitigation.

While raw BIM data is a valuable resource, it’s much more effective when it’s processed into a consistent, rich format that can be easily used by all stakeholders involved in a building project.

Benefits of transforming raw BIM data to improve workflows
The transformation of raw BIM data into more structured and useful information can lead to many benefits, particularly in improving BIM workflows. Here are some key benefits:

Transforming raw BIM data into consistent and rich information can significantly enhance BIM workflows, leading to better collaboration, improved decision making, and more successful project outcomes.

3 ways to take your BIM workflows to new heights of efficiency and productivity

As we’ve outlined above, transforming your raw BIM data into consistent and rich information will ultimately improve your BIM workflows, making you and your team more efficient and productive.

At Simplebim, we’re proud to play our part in helping our customers to transform their BIM data workflows. In our latest Simplebim 10 update, we’ve rolled out three new tools that help to do just that.

Expression Editor
You can now derive new objects and data with Simplebim’s Expression Editor – the easier and more robust formula composition tool. The Expression Editor can be used for editing formulas wherever formulas are used in the Simplebim UI. For example, in the Calculate Properties tools and the Add New Group dialog (when creating a rule-based group).

Configuration for Tools
Simplebim users can automate the processing of their models by running the tools from a template or script. All they need to do is copy configurations for tools from the UI to templates and scripts to make automation so much smoother.

Automation with Templates
Templates include a lot of different rules that can be applied to the models. In our latest release, we’ve made it easier than ever to integrate links to documents for each rule. Each rule now has a dedicated section in the Template files. Each section has a subtitle, which is also a link to the documentation.

Want to know more about how to transform your BIM workflows? We invite you to get started today by downloading a free trial of Simplebim and experiencing the power of these enhancements firsthand.


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