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Transform raw BIM data into consistent and rich information

Simplebim® transforms BIM data from a complex mix of different sources into unified and consistent data ready to be used in data analysis or any open BIM downstream application. Revolutionize BIM Data Wrangling. See Simplebim® 10 new features and try it for free

Simplebim 10

Join our customers around the world and turn raw BIM data into easy-to-use information, and ultimately actionable insights for every construction professional


Makes BIM Normal. Using unified and consistent data doesn’t require special knowledge or skills.


Opens BIM up for a wide range of users. Works with any tools that support open BIM and IFC.


Created by the world’s leading BIM exchange experts. Enables the smartest and most effective Open BIM workflows.


Simplebim is a fantastic program and should be in the tool belt of any BIM manager that deals with IFC’s.

Jason Peters Senior Virtual Construction Engineer PC Construction, USA

Simplebim allows us to adjust & tweak information to support our processes, which gives us a level of control that we’ve never had before.

Terry Parkinson Senior Digital Engineer Bylor

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