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Clean, consistent, enriched data

Transform raw BIM data into clean, consistent and rich information. We help our customers around the world take BIM data management to the next level.

Simplebim is the only tool available which transforms raw IFC models into
valuable data sets in a scalable way

Simplebim cloud
Make BIM simple

Using unified and consistent data doesn’t require special knowledge or skills. Consistent data enables full automation benefits.

Scale BIM
Scale BIM Usage

Opens BIM to a wide range of users. Works with any tools that support open BIM and IFC.

Smart BIM
Smart BIM

Created by the world’s leading BIM exchange experts. Enables the smartest and most efficient Open BIM workflows.

how it works?

Simplebim Desktop

Import the IFC to Simplebim. Clean-up the raw data and make it consistent. Enrich then export to IFC or excel. Use and analyze BIM in downstream apps.

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seamlessly extracts data from IFC


With the simplicity of Excel, Bimsheet™ empowers users to effortlessly extract data from IFC models.

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Who is already using Simplebim?

Read our case studies and start your journey towards BIM data-driven decision making.

Simplebim RAVA3Pro add-on

Simplebim RAVA3Pro add-on is an easy-to-use tool that allows anyone to enrich an IFC model for building permit submission according to national data content requirements.


Introducing Simplebim Cloud for Finnish customers

Simplebim Cloud is our new portal, designed to automate the standardisation and enrichment of IFC data from multiple sources.

Tailored to meet the diverse needs of construction, design and project management professionals, Simplebim Cloud makes data wrangling quicker, easier and more accessible. Simplebim Cloud is currently available in Finland and will be gradually provided worldwide.


Simplebim is an absolutely fundamental piece of software on the Hinkley C project for the digital engineering team.

Victoria Jones
Victoria Jones MIET GMICE Digital Engineering Lead BYLOR JV

Simplebim is a fantastic program and should be in the tool belt of any BIM manager that deals with IFC’s.

Jason Peters Senior Virtual Construction Engineer PC Construction, USA

How to take BIM data wrangling to the next level?

Wrangling raw BIM data is one of the major challenges faced by the construction industry. Learn how to make better data-driven decisions.

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3 ways to improve your BIM workflows

The transformation of raw BIM data into more structured and useful information can lead to many benefits, particularly in improving BIM workflows.

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Sakari Lehtinen

BIM deployment happens in steps. We are here to help you with each one of them!

Whether you are just starting with BIM (Building Information Modelling) or planning to take the next step, the Simplebim team is here to support you. Please contact sales for more information.

Consistent data unlocks the full potential of BIM

BIM data wrangling and BIM project management is just like any data transformation and wrangling. You take data from multiple sources, unify it and make it consistent in order to use it in an efficient way. Simplebim helps you to:

  • Clean-up data
  • Unify, normalise and make data consistent
  • Re-structure data
  • Merge models and data
  • Classify building elements
  • Calculate quantities
  • Derive new objects and data
  • Colorize objects for easy-to-read models
  • Enrich BIM data from other data sources
  • Export consistent IFC and data tables for your ready-made data views and reusable automation for data analysis and simulations
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