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Make IFC Models Fit for Purpose

The biggest issue with BIM is that it is not well standardized. The models you get from other parties are hard to use and lack important information. Unlike other open BIM tools Simplebim® enables you to standardize and enrich IFC models. Join our users around the world, make your BIM normal and maximize your BIM value.



Makes BIM Normal. Using standardized models doesn’t require special knowledge or skills.


Opens BIM up for a wide range of users. Works with any tools that support open BIM and IFC.


Created by the world’s leading BIM exchange experts. Enables the smartest and most effective Open BIM workflows.


IFC models are the basis of our projects and innovations; they are the source in our database to which we link all our information. Regardless of the native modeling software we can use Simplebim to automatically adapt models, structure and enrich them so that all the necessary information is available and at the right location. By using Simplebim, we can be confident that our database is structured uniformly and our clients get the information they need.

Alex Sagius BIM Architect HFB, Netherlands

My work is to describe projects such that contractors can calculate them and give a correct price. For me simplebim is a perfect tool for grouping objects and picking quantities. I simply add our own tags to elements to enable easy filtering and sorting in Excel. We also work in parallel with the architect because the architect is never finished when we have to start our work. When I get an updated IFC file from the architect I use simplebim to easily transfer our tags from the old IFC file to the new one.

Tor-Øyvind Gundersen Ing. Bjarne Aasheim AS, Norway

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