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In This Topic
    Move and Rotate
    In This Topic

    Moves and rotates the building elements.

    Key Type Value
    TARGET Text The object group that should be transformed. Leave empty to move/rotate the whole model.
    MOVE_POINT 3D Point Absolute coordinates or translation delta depending on the selection for Type
    PIVOT_POINT 3D Point The pivot point of the rotation
    ROTATEX Number Angle around X-axis
    ROTATEY Number Angle around Y-axis
    ROTATEZ Number Angle around Z-axis
    TYPE Choice

    Type of the transformation.

    The supported values are:

    ABSOLUTE Moves objects to the given coordinates. Rotates object relative to the world coordinate system axis.
    RELATIVE Moves objects relative to the current placement. Rotates objects relative to the current orientation.

    Default = RELATIVE
    MOVE_CHILDREN On/Off Move objects with their containers.
    Default = ON

    The following alternative keys and values are supported for backward compatibility.