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    Assemblies: Simplify
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    Often when you get models that have assemblies (building elements that contain other building elements) you get too much details. If you are for example calculating or scheduling pre-cast elements you don't need all the information about the parts of those elements. Having all these details can also lead to mistakes, for example if you have both cast-in-place concrete and pre-case elements both containing rebar, by simplifying the pre-cast assemblies you can eliminate the possibility of calculating the pre-cast rebar. The 'Assemblies: Simplify' -tool does two things to help you:

    1. It collects all the geometry from the parts to the assembly and assigns them to the assembly.
    2. It deletes all the parts.

    When you process nested assemblies (assemblies that contain other assemblies) only the top level assemblies are preserved. The geometries from all the nested assemblies are moved to the topmost assembly and the nested assemblies are deleted.

    The 'Assemblies: Simplify' -tool can be used in all cases where a building element contains other building elements, not just with element assemblies. Other typical cases include:

    There are two special cases that you can handle as well.

    • If your assembly contains for example a window and you want to preserve the window as an independent object, you can remove the window from the assembly before you run the tool. You can do this via drag&drop in the Containment palette.
    • If you don't want to include the geometry of all the parts in the assembly's geometry you can exclude those parts before you run the tool. The geometry of all excluded parts will be ignored and the excluded parts will be deleted.
    If you need to remove assemblies, but keep their parts, use the Assemblies: Remove -tool instead.

    Configuration options

    Key Type Value
    TARGET Text The object group containing the assemblies that should be simplified. Leave empty to process all element assembly objects.
    CONVERT_TO_BREP On/Off Convert the resulting geometry to BREP even if the original geometry was parametric.
    Default = OFF

    The following alternative keys and values are supported for backward compatibility.


    The following old tool names are supported for backward compatibility

    Flatten Contained Geometries