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    Simplebim.Server (version 5)
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    Simplebim.Server is a component that can be used on a server without a user interface for processing IFC models. With Simplebim.Server you can


    Simplebim.Server does not require any registration, which means that it can be run from anywhere on your server. For installing simply unzip the server files to any directory maintaining the directory structure of the zip package.

    For running Simplebim.Server you need an valid license that is stored in a .lic file and delivered to you by Datacubist. Copy this .lic file to the same directory with Simplebim.Server.

    Licenses are always time limited. Please make sure well in advance that you have a new license before the current license expires.


    Simply delete the directory into which you copied the Simplebim.Server files during installation.


    You run the server component by running the Simplebim.Server executable and passing it the necessary parameters. The executable  file is simplebim5.Server.exe

    # Parameter Notes


    Name (including full path) of the IFC file (.ifc) to import .ifczip is not supported


    Name (including full path) of the template file (.xlsx)

    Other Excel file formats, such as .xls or .xlsm are not supported

    If you don't need to apply a template you can pass the name of an 'empty template' that does not modify the model.


    Name (including full path) of the IFC file (.ifc) to export .ifczip is not supported


    Name (including full path) of the configuration file (.ini) You can control the IFC import and export parameters using the .ini file. The delivery package contains a Default.ini you can use and modify a copy to fit your own needs.


    Name (including full path) of the log file (optional) Writing a log file is optional, but I suggest you write a log file because it makes it easier to figure out if something does not work as expected. Also validation results are written into t he log file.

    When you run the executable the return value is zero (0) when everything runs as expected. If there are errors the return value is minus one (-1) and you should check the log for more information about the failure.


    simplebim5.Server.exe "C:\server test\import.ifc" "C:\server test\empty.xlsx" "C:\server test\export.ifc" "C:\server test\default.ini" "C:\server test\test.log"

    Known Limitations