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    This site provides support for Simplebim users. If you can't find the information you are looking for on this site, please contact us by email at

    Installation and License Management

    Video Tutorials

    Video tutorials can be found on our web site at and on our YouTube channel (external link)

    How-to Articles

    If you don't see an article that answers your question, please let us know at and we will help you out. Please also see out guide for Troubleshooting common issues.


    Simplebim comes with tools that help you perform specific tasks easier and with better quality. Tools don't typically have a user interface other than for configuring the tool. In addition to the documentation for each tool you should read the generic documentation for Run Tools

    Tool Description
    Add Geometry Tags Adds a new Geometry Tag property (text) to all objects that have a 3D geometry. If two objects have a identical geometry they will get the same tag.

    Add Min and Max Elevation and Center Point

    Add properties to all objects with geometry with information about the vertical location of the objects.

    Add Space Access

    Finds the relating space object for doors, windows and empty openings and creates Space Access objects.
    Auto-Assign Containment: Building Storeys Assigns objects to the building storey in which their geometry is located.
    Auto-Assign Containment: Spaces Assigns objects to the spaces in which their geometry is located.

    Brep Converter

    Converts the parametric geometry of objects to brep geometry.

    Calculate Basic Quantities

    Calculates a basic set of quantities for objects with 3D geometry.

    Delete Empty Containers

    Deletes all containers that don't contain any objects.
    Edit GUIDs: Create New GUIDs Creates new Globally Unique IDs (GUID) for all objects that have a GUID

    Edit GUIDs: Repair Duplicate and Invalid GUIDs

    Creates new Globally Unique IDs (GUID) for all objects that have either have a GUID that is already used by another object in the same model or has a GUID with a invalid format.

    Exclude Duplicates

    Automatically excludes all duplicate objects, i.e. objects that are on top of each other and have identical geometry.
    Exclude Far Away Objects Scans the model for objects that are located far away from the main model and automatically excludes these objects.
    Export to Excel Exports included objects and properties into a Microsoft Excel file. Microsoft Excel does not have to be installed.

    Find Overlapping Objects

    Finds the overlaps for space-space, space-wall and wall-wall, creates a new Clash object for each overlap and groups the overlaps into clusters.

    Find Standalone Doors and Windows

    Scans the model for doors/windows that are not connected to a wall/slab. Adds an 'Is Standalone' property to doors and windows.

    Find Wall Assemblies

    Scans the model for walls that contains wall parts. Adds an 'Is Assembly' property to walls.

    Flatten Contained Geometries

    Redirects the geometries of contained objects to the containing object.
    Helmert Transformation

    Transforms building element placements using Helmert Transformation

    Remove Assemblies

    Assigns all parts of an assembly to the spatial container of that assembly and removes the assembly. Does not affect curtain walls, roofs, stairs or ramps.

    Reset Colors

    Resets the color of all objects back to the color that were assigned when the model was imported
    Move and Rotate

    Moves and rotates building elements.

    Split Geometries This tool makes it possible to apply the Location Tools functionality to models from a script or template

    Unlock Simplebim Properties

    Unlocks properties added by Simplebim and maps them to IFC.


    Add-ons are installed on top of standard Simplebim to add new functionality to it. Add-ons can be created by Datacubist and 3rd party developers. If you know programming (any .NET language) you can even create your own add-ons to Simplebim.

    Special Topics

    Template Guide Templates are the key for using Simplebim effectively. With templates you can automate for example trimming and extending the model, editing model data, setting validation rules, grouping and enriching the model. This guide covers the idea and structure of Simplebim templates. It also contains a detailed reference of all the sections found in templates.
    Simplebim Command Line API The command line API can be used for importing IFC, merging models,  applying templates, running tools and exporting IFC with a minimal user interface.
     Simplebim Releases

    The most recent version of Simplebim is 9.0 SR4 (20.10.2021)

    The most recent version of Naviate Simple BIM is 2022.2