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    Export to Excel
    In This Topic

    This tool makes it possible to export data into a Excel file from a template or script.

    This tool can only be used from a template or script
    Key Type Value
    FILE_NAME New File The full path including file extension for the new Excel file. NOTE: The export will fail if this configuration is not given. In this case a message will be written into the log if logging is enabled.
    Default = .xlsx
    FORMAT_OUTPUT On/Off Defines whether the resulting Excel file should be formatted or not.
    Default = ON

    Defines the format for Date, Date Time and Time of Date properties

    The supported values are:

    CURRENT_CULTURE Exports date and time values using the format defined the Windows current culture settings of the computer.
    IFC_STRING Exports date and time values using the format defined in the IFC4 specification for IfcDate, IfcDateTime and IfcTime

    ESCAPE_DATETIME On/Off Defines whether Date, Date Time and Time of Day properties should be escaped/pefixed with a apostrophe character. Prefixing a cell value with a apostrophe in Excel forces Excel to treat the value as text and turns off any automatic data type recognition that might otherwise apply.
    Default = OFF