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    Use the Table Palette
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    The Table palette offer a very flexible and versatile way of creating tabular views to your data. You can define what data is shown, how it is organized and which features are used based on your own use cases. You can also save a table with all its settings for future use with the same data or data from other similar models. 


    The first step is do select which data you want to show in the Table palette. The Table palette can show either the properties of objects or the properties of groups.

    You can clear all data from the table by right-clicking and selecting Clear Table from the context menu.

    All objects from a object class

    Manual selection of objects

    Type objects

    Objects in a group

    Object groups

    Object group category


    The layout of the Table palette defines the following

    You can clear the layout by right-clicking and selecting Reset Table Layout from the context menu.


     The features define how the table behaves when you are populating it with data or when you have already populated it.