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    Create Object Selections
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    When you perform an operation in Simplebim you most often have to specify which selection of objects this operation applies to. You could be including or excluding a selection of objects, setting a property value for a selection of objects, colorizing a selection of objects, calculating a quantity for a selection of objects etc.

    There are two main types of selections: temporary and permanent. The permanent selections are stored with the  model, which means they are later available to you or anyone else. Temporary selections are used either for performing an action or for creating permanent selections.

    Temporary selections


    3D Window

    Objects Palette

    Properties Palette

     Containment Palette

    Table Palette

    Permanent Selections


    Object Classes

    Object Classes can be seen as permanent selections of objects. Simplebim has limited capabilities for converting objects from one Object Class to another, i.e. moving objects to another permanent selection. Support for this can be found in the Prototypes add-on.

    Type Objects

    Type objects are selections within one object class, i.e. a Type Object selection can only contain objects from the same Object Class. Type objects are Object Groups in Simplebim and thus all the possibilities of Object Groups are available for Type Objects.

    Classification Systems

    Classification Systems define which selection of objects is classified in which way. Classification systems are Object Groups in Simplebim and thus all the possibilities of Object Groups are available for Classification systems.


    You can use the Location Editor in Simplebim for creating selections of objects within a geometrically defined area. This can be used for creating selections for example for sections, apartments or building storeys.